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Get orders quickly, easily manage your products, track your customers, control your business wherever you want with instant reports.

Do much more with just one app!

Ritapos provides an integrated solution to the automation needs of your business.

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We have been using Ritapos from 1st day. A great system that we recommend to all our friends.
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Ritapos, which we currently use in 8 of our dealers, not only makes our work easier, but also offers a great service with the reports it offers in different categories.
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The Ritapos team, which supported us in our commercial journey that we started with a business, continues to be with us in the franchise processes. In a word, they are gorgeous!
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It is a fast and easy-to-use application, with detailed reports, it is possible to instantly see what we have done on the day. I recommend it to everyone.
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It is very comforting to feel that everything is under my control. Thank you Ritapos.
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I found Ritapos on Google. I created a membership and started using it. I installed everything myself. I find it very comforting that it is so simple that you don't need help. We have been using it for about three years and we are very pleased with the point it has reached now.
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It makes our job very easy with its simple interface. We can instantly monitor the situation in all our branches, update prices and easily manage our businesses.
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Usually, I can get orders in two or three clicks. It is a must for package business, I recommend it to everyone.

Take Order From Any Device You Want

The device you use doesn’t matter. Just connect to the internet!

Take your order with a few clicks and send it to the production units.

"I usually get an order with two or three clicks."
Mustafa K.
Business Owner

Make Your Customers and You Comfortable

Connect your phone to Ritapos and get to know your customer without picking up the phone!

With Ritapos, things are simple! Get to know your customers, make campaigns,

Accelerate your business. Let this speed increase the happiness of your customers, relax at the end of the day.

"It shows who is calling from among thousands of customers on my screen without picking up the phone."
Can A.
Business Owner

Manage Your Couriers

Forward the order to your courier. Let your courier track on your cell phone.

Easily measure the performance of your couriers at the end of the day.

"Every user can easily use Ritapos with their own account. I can check who has done what work every night and warn my employees who have lost their motivation."
Henry S.

Everything on One Platform

Manage all your orders with Ritapos. Easily see your usage statistics from a single platform.

"It practically solves the basic needs of every small and medium-sized business. It has been almost a year since we started using it and we are quite satisfied."
Ahmet V.
Cafe Owner

Instant Reports

In Ritapos, reports are calculated instantly. You can access all your statistics instantly from any device, wherever you want.

"I was very restless when I was not at the business. Even on vacation, thanks to Ritapos, I was able to follow everything that was going on in my cafe."
Seda T.
General Manager

Your Data is Safe

All transactions are recorded with Ritapos. These records ensure accountability and facilitate the control of trust in your employees.

"It gives us a lot of relief to see easily who removed the product from the order and who deleted the order."
Mustafa K.
Business Owner

Take Your Notes by Speaking

Tell Ritapos about customer requests and order notes, and it will write and take notes for you.

"Ritapos is very practical, we take notes by talking about the customer's requests. It automatically writes to the ticket."
Can A.
Business Owner

QR Menu

Even if your prices change, you don’t have to change your menu for this. As soon as you change your prices, your QR Menu will be updated simultaneously.

Easily deliver your menu to your customers, either with the QR Code you put on the tables or with the URL Address.

"Our menu is always up to date without the need for another program."
Merve C.

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