New Generation POS System

Manage your business with a single application! Ritapos provides an integrated solution to all operations in your business and reduces costs. Multiply your effectiveness by 10!

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Best POS System for Restaurant

Ritapos is a new generation order and sales automation for restaurants, fast-food, patisseries and chain businesses of all sizes operating in the service sector.

It is a cloud-based, fast and installation-free program.

Become a member, add your products to the system and start receiving orders within minutes. Easier than taking a knife to the kitchen!

Everything You Need

With Ritapos, automate all your operations from ordering to post-payment using a single system.

Speed up order and account taking processes, minimize errors by automating your processes, so that the investment you make returns in customer satisfaction and profit.

Get Orders Quickly

Take orders from your customers within seconds with a few clicks, thanks to Ritapos’s easy-to-use functionality.

Offer service by table order, self-service or takeaway. Instantly transmit your orders to production units thanks to unlimited printer connections.

Credit card, Cash, Sodexo, Multinet… get your money with any payment type you want.

Order Management

Take orders, divide, combine and move them from table to table with a few clicks. Speed up order and account taking operations and minimize personnel-related errors. May the smart investment you make pay off in customer satisfaction and profit.

Stock and Cost Management

Manage your stocks effectively with Ritapos. Instantly see raw materials that are out of stock. Optimize your supply processes and determine your costs according to changing prices. See your profitability transparently.

Kitchen Management

As soon as you take the order; Send to production units such as kitchen, bakery, bar. Easily manage the entire process from preparation to delivery to the customer, increase efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.

Courier Management

Which order goes to which courier? See easily with Ritapos. Close orders in bulk from your courier.

QR Menu

All products in your menu; In the QR menu with details, allergen warnings and pictures. Get rid of printing costs by going digital with Ritapos.

Free Integrations

You can use Ingenico new generation payment recorder devices and GMP3 and Magellan applications with Ritapos.

Customer Management

Connect Ritapos with your Caller ID device and instantly recognize callers. When customers call for the second time, greet them by name; Let the system Ritapos give you their addresses.

Reporting and Analysis

See your income and inputs, payments you receive, product sales, stocks and many other important details with understandable reports. Examine your business performance with transparently prepared graphs. Evaluate your business in terms of efficiency and profitability wherever and whenever you want.

Free Mobile Apps

Download our Android and iOS applications from the relevant platform markets. Follow what’s happening in your business from anywhere you connect to the internet.

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