Hundreds of Ritapos' Features Will Make Your Job Easier

A La Carte Sales, Retail Sales, Take Aways, Package Sales, Product Management, Order Management, Table Management, Kitchen Management, Business Management, Cost Management, Expense Management, Customer Management, Reservation Management, Advanced Reports, QR Menu and much more…

Try Ritapos and decide.

User Friendly

Ritapos is very easy to use.

Receive orders in seconds with a few clicks after entering your business-specific settings.

All your employees’ transactions are instantly on your screen.

Cloud Based​

Ritapos is independent of devices with its cloud-based structure. Use Ritapos on any device you want.

In short, it works on all devices connected to the internet. You do not need to install any device to use it.

Create your account, enter your menu into the system and start using it.

Is your computer broken? No problem. All your information such as your orders, customer information, table layout are in the cloud and are safe… Log in to Ritapos from your mobile phone or new computer, and continue using it from where you left off.

Order Management

Get unlimited orders with Ritapos.

Easily perform all operations such as customer identification, courier tracking, note taking, order labeling, table management, order splitting, order merging, discount definition, partial payment.

Enter the menu you use in your business on Ritapos; Define the payment methods you accept other than cash and credit cards to your business and start taking orders within seconds.

It's free to try and use!

You can try it free for 14 days and continue to use it without paying. So... Even if some of its features are restricted, you can take orders even while using it for free!

Caller Id

Record caller numbers by plugging your Caller Id device between your phone and your computer. If you can’t pick up the phone, call your caller. Do not miss your potential customers.

Customer Recognition

Register an unlimited number of customers. Record the information of your calling customers such as name, surname, address for once, learn who the customer is as soon as the phone rings in the next calls.

Does the same number order from different addresses? Just select the address and get the order!

Track Your Couriers

Open an account with your couriers.

No need to print customer information on paper.

Couriers can log in to the system and easily deliver the orders defined to them to your customers.

Make your couriers comfortable, and increase customer loyalty and sell more.

QR Menu

Forget the cost of printing paper menus. You don’t need to do anything while using Ritapos. With the products you enter in Ritapos, your QR Menu is instantly ready and always up to date!

Let customers see your menu by scanning the QR code on the table with their phones, and place their orders without any physical contact.

No additional fees!

At Ritapos, you do not pay for any features. In fact, your digitalized QR menu is just one of the free features of Ritapos.
Use Ritapos and relax!


Enter the number of people your tables have in Ritapos. Let us make your reservation processes easier.

Specify the date and time range of the Booking; Let’s put in front of you the tables that are not booked that day, at that time. Select an empty desk, save the notes to Ritapos. Let’s put an end to the flying papers together!


Electricity, water etc. Enter all your expenses into the system according to the payment type.

Let’s combine it with sales reports and report it for you with all your expenses between the two dates you choose.


Receive orders, save your expenses. Let us instantly report to you what happened during the day.

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