Easily Track Customer Feedback

Developed by Ritapos for customer feedback; With the QR Customer Survey, you can easily collect requests, suggestions and complaints.

Single Branch or All Branches

With the QR Codes you will put on the desks, you can follow the feedback of the customers as a branch by branch center. You can intervene in complaints instantly.

Measure Satisfaction Level

With the satisfaction survey, you can easily get feedback on food quality, service quality, service speed, ambience, cleanliness and hygiene, and staff attitude.

Be Aware of Your Customers

Customers can also write their requests, suggestions, complaints or feelings and thoughts in the survey. You can report these on a branch basis.

Meet Your Customers

Get in touch with your customers who leave their information. Find solutions by listening to their requests, suggestions and complaints. Increase customer satisfaction.

Combine with QR Menu

Add QR Menu on the other side of the plexi stands you will put on the tables. Modernize your business with contactless customer experience.

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