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Get the most innovative cloud based point of sale system on the market.

Easy to use

Ritapos will be your most valuable employee with it's user friendly interface.

Lower your risks

Keep track of everything in your store to improve your business.

Exactly what you need

Reduce risks and improve your business with Ritapos, a cloud based pos system!

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Smart & Powerful

High Performance

Ritapos knows the value of your time. Thus, designed to serve hundreds of customers in a second.

Modern Interface

In all devices

You can use all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, macs or pcs with Ritapos..

Flexible & Customizable

Exactly what you want

Ritapos has all the features that you may want in your store. You can easly customize these features to match your needs.


We have lots of solutions in one app.

Inventory Reporting

You can keep track of all products and create detailed reports between two date.

Order Processes

Ritapos helps you to view every steps of a product in order from waitress to kitchen, kitchen to table and table to cashier.

Kitchen Displays

Kitchen display systems are a helpful component of Ritapos. It allows you to see order changes instantly and to cut down the mess of printed kitchen tickets.


Ritapos comes with in-depth reporting tools. Your point of sale system will conveniently show your net sales, refunds, transactions so you keep updated about your store and Ritapos is perfect for all of your inventory management software needs.

Happy Customers

Customer loyalty programs are always helpful in growing your business. They retain and give you good word-of-mouth. Ritapos allows you to create discounts for your customer.

Multi Store - Franchise Management

You can see what is happening in all of your stores, get supply requests online and take action like a store owner.

Designed for all types of business

Expecially for these.
Kafelerde Ritapos'u kullanabilirsiniz.


Barlarda Ritapos'u kullanabilirsiniz.


Restoranlarda etkin şekilde kullanabilirsiniz.


Ritapos pastanelerle uyum içinde çalışırs.


Fast-Food satan işletmer için Ritapos idealdir.

Fast Food

Yufkacılarda Ritapos'u işletmerinde kullanabilirler.

Pastry Seller

Ritapos her türkü zincir işletmede kullanabilirsiniz.


Perakende sektöründe rahatça Ritapos'u kullanabilirsiniz.


Ritapos berber ve kuaförlerde kullanılabilir.


Ritapos halı yıkamacılarda da kullanabilirsiniz.

Carpet Wash

Ritapos oto yıkamacılarda dd kullanabilirsiniz.

Car Wash

Ritapos sucularda kullanılabilir.

Water Seller

Ritapos tüpçülerde kullanılabilir.

Gas-Bottle Delivery

Easy to Use


Kullanım Kılavuzu


A cloud based pos which is using latest technologies.

Cloud based

You can access to Ritapos from anywhere whenever you want.

Dynamic Design

User interface is simple and easy to use design.


Ritapos has focused on high performance and .

Different Packages

You can try it for free, no credit card is required.

Choose Your Own Hardware

Works great on mobile devices, pads and computers.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications incrase your experience on small devices.

Premium Users

There are different type of users in Ritapos. For more information please contact with us.

Authorized Users

Users have different authentication levels and you can change their status whenever you want.


You are safe with us, we are storing your data in three different servers.



You can download our iOS and Android apps from market to increase your mobile experience.

Android iOS


We have been using Ritapos from beta stage and strongly recommend.

Zehra H. Son Topağacı

We are using Ritapos as a franchise owner with our 8 stores. Ritapos helps us to improve our business with highly detailed reports.

Gürkan G. Hamsi Finger

Our relation with Ritapos has started with one store. We are currently using Ritapos in 3 stores and their team is really good!

Mert D. Pablo Artisan Coffee