Frequently Asked Questions about Ritapos

Why should I use Ritapos?

There are two answers for the question.

If you are not using a POS system, you will solve your automation needs with a powerful cloud based POS. Your data will be secured and you will not worry about it. You will be able to access your store from anywhere and anytime. Ritapos is running on Internet, so you do not need to install anything to your computer.

If you are currently using a POS system, it means you know the upsides and downsides of your current software. Think about these questions. When did your software updated? What is happining on power cut? Can you access your store’s data from anywhere in the world? Is your data secured? What will happen if your computer is not reachable any more? Can you track your store in real time.

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes, we have iOS & Android applications. You can download them from app store or google play. Is you face a version conflict, you can always use browser to access Ritapos.

How can I install Ritapos?

These isn’t any mandatory step to install Ritapos. Just visit and sign up. You can setup your store, menu and table layout from menu. Our guide will help you to configure your store.

Besides that we will be happy to help you if you contact with us.

Can I track my store's sale in real time?

Yes, you can track everything in your store from anywhere.

Can I track my store's inventory?

Yes, you can track your inventory in real time. Inventory changes will take effect at the same time when a product inserted into an order.

Yes, you can see important data between two dates in reports.

Can I use Ritapos for more than one store?

Yes, if you have or will have more than one store. Our package for franchises will solve your needs. Franchise users can manage other stores with one click.

Can stores create a supply-demand from their Franchise?

Yes, stores can check their inventory and see remaining products easily. Store owners can create supply demands. Ritapos will deliver these demands automatically to the franchise. Besides that, a franchise can inventory of its stores.

Is Ritapos compatible with all modern devices?

Yes, you can use Ritapos in any device, mobile phone, kiosk, pc, laptop or tablet, that can run Google Chrome. In addition, you can plugin Kitchen Display Screens, Thermal Printers, Barcode Readers or Caller ID devices.

Can I use printers and kitchen display screens?

Yes, you can use 9 printers and unlimited screens with Ritapos and print from mobile devices without any configuration. For more information please contact us.

Can I define discounts for my customers?

Yes, you can define discounts and set campaigns for your customers.

Is Ritapos free?

You can use houndreds of features freely and it’s enough for small stores. If you need premium features, you should subscribe for paid accounts. You can see our price list in here.